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January 2013 - Table of Contents

Check out what the month of January has in store for you!


Change is A-Comin'
What if there was a factory that produced Hondas that ran incredibly fast times at amazing speeds? Oh, there is, it's called SpeedFactory!

In Rare Form
We get the "exclusive" on this "Exclusive" CRX. See what we did there? Yeah, "Exclusive."

Road Warriors
They wear their battle scars with pride--three Integra Type Rs that are street-friendly, can park next to shiny show cars, but only feel at home on the track.

Brotherly Rivalry
Aaron holds grudges, especially with his Ford-fan brother. Lucky for you, he put together this sick, purpose-built forth-gen Civic to challenge his V-8-loving sibling.

Purity of Form
Les "The Man" Bidrawn gets some alone time with a gorgeous yellow NSX and works his magic. Aspriging photographers take notes; this is quality photography not photoshopography."

Post-Apocalyptic Vision
Rucksters is back with this out-of-the-box, Mad Max-inspired build that continues their streak of badass builds.

The Black Cloud
Derek has a little bad luck. Actually, Derek has quite a bit of bad luck, but that makes his build all the better now that it's essentially a brand-new car.

Dormant for Over a Decade
Another EP chassis?! It's true, we found another "unloved chassis" that's been boosted and built into a neck-breaker.


Jackson Racing's CR-Z Supercharger
Oscar Jackson and OJ Jr. are back! The Jackson Racing family and company are one again, and to kick things off, they've created a supercharger for the CR-Z!


From East Coast to West Coast
Massive event coverage from the summer--from race, to meet, to show, to dyno days, we've got it all!



Road Rage

Oh Snaps

Exhaust Notes

Adult Toys


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