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K24 Engine Block/K20 Cylinder Head Build - 2.4 Liters Untamed

Autowave builds a poor man's TSX motor for swapping into an EM2 Civic chassis. This month we look at the bottom-end build, fortified with product from CP and Pauter, as it's prepped for JDM-like compression.

By , Photography by , Mike LaPier

The block was sent to Benson's Machine in Santa Ana where it was prepped and re-sleeved to 0.020 over. Pauter rods were sourced for the project, as well as 11.5:1 CP pistons, the same compression ratio that a JDM Integra Type-R boasts. LaPier will use a TSX crankshaft and re-use other parts from the K24 (the engine was practically new when he tore it down). Once complete, the motor is headed for the engine bay of a 2002 Civic sedan.

One last thing about putting together the bottom end: the K20A2 comes with an oil cooler while the K24 does not. There are three popular ways to remedy this. Some simply don't run the cooler, which seems foolish given that Honda thought it was a good idea for the K20A2. The next option is to plumb the oil to an outboard oil cooler, probably the easier of the two oil cooler methods. The last choice is to have the K24 block machined for the coolant return line, which is right above the oil filter boss on the K20A2. You will need to use the K20A2 water pump since it has the coolant supply fitting for the oil cooler.

Next Time:
The cylinder head gets fresh camshafts from IPS, a set of Eibach's new valve springs, and an ITR intake manifold. LaPier cobbles it together, then tunes and dynos the hybrid beast.

17122 Gothard St
Huntington Beach
CA  92647
CP Pistons
1902 Mc Gaw
CA  92614
Pauter Machine
367 Zenith Street
Chula Vista
CA  91911
Benson Automotive Machine
2909 Kilson Dr
Santa Ana
CA  92707
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