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2004 Honda Ruckus - Under Wraps - Scoot Level

You Can Only Keep A Secret Like This For So Long...

By Rodrez, Photography by Rodrez

The Rucksters Staff
Tony Lac (owner): After spending a number of years in the world of modified imports throughout the '90s, and after opening a toy company, Tony began flirting with the idea of opening a shop that catered specifically to the Honda Ruckus, along with supporting various other types of scooters. With the help of his cousin Hai Le, the two built a ground-breaking Ruckus that caught the attention of the entire Ruckus community, and using that momentum, the two officially opened the doors to Rucksters in the San Gabriel Valley.

Hai Truong (manager): Once a full-time musician before the Ruckus business exploded, Hai graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a Music Composition Degree and has been playing guitar for the past twenty years. His duties include everything from coordinating, artwork, design, and photography, to the continual organization of the Ruckus business.

Sonny Truong (technical): Graduated from Honda PACT at Rio Honda College, Whittier in the '90s, Sonny worked for Honda before a ten year stint with Carmax, which enabled him to work on all types of cars. Due to a back injury, Sonny left his job and signed on with his family at the Ruckster compound and now handles all engine work, a majority of the frame work, and is the chief inspector of all prototype parts.

Chi Wai Phung (shop apprentice): Once a local who would hang out at Rucksters regularly, Chi helped clean up around the shop a few times and simply never stopped. He officially became the shop apprentice and is now being trained by all three family members in everything from assembly, to basic shipping and receiving. It's hard to beat hands-on, real world training.


By Rodrez
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