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1994 Acura Integra LS - The Transformer

Haters Gonna' Hate....

By Jonathan Thompson, Photography by Quickworks Photography

In the fall of 2009, Kevin began a complete makeover. However, the project nearly ended in disaster. A friend welding the firewall accidentally sent sparks inside the cabin. Those tiny sparks quickly turned into menacing flames. The fire damaged the headliner, carpet, door panels, and the Bride seats before they were able to contain the blaze. "I realized my interior was fully gone and lost hope in my car," he recalls. The setback turned into motivation as the mere thought of the torched cabin angered Kevin. He was now more determined than he had ever been.

Kevin utilized his friends and powerful Honda networking in his pursuit of awesomeness, "along with Rockstar energy drinks," he adds. HiWire tucked the engine harness and brake lines. White Mike shaved his engine bay. Derek from Parris Engine Dynamics built and tuned the engine. Quyen Tran from West Lane Muffler and Performance custom fabricated parts. Angkor Auto Body and Paint applied fresh coats of ITR Championship White paint. Chen Stiller and Miccy Le helped with logistics and the custom interior. T-Bone provided turbo related assistance and Ralph Wright of Simple Wheel Werks sourced and customized the highly discussed rare wheels.

And rare wheels they are. Kevin prides himself on them. "I'm the only one with custom deep dish, re-barreled, 24-karat gold dipped Mugen M7s," he proudly says. He absolutely loves his one-off rollers and plans to keep them forever, despite his wheel whorish tendencies. The wheels alone were nearly a quarter of the project's total budget. Altogether, Kevin funneled $20,000 into the build-no credit cards or loans from grandmamma either. "I work hard for my money yo. All cash dude," he asserts.

Currently, the DC2 is filed under non-operation with the California Department of Motor Vehicles for this year. Kevin primarily uses the Integra to promote his shop. He likes to attend car meets and shows to display his creation and he's already managed to scoop up thirteen trophies. He also thoroughly enjoys racing the burly beast in heart-pounding passes down the dragstrip-after a quick rear camber adjustment and installation of drag wheels and tires of course.

Kevin recalls one special moment that occurred before he checked the non-op box on the Integra's renewal form. There was a certain red Dodge Viper owner in town. The owner was known for talking smack. "He thought he was so badass," he says. Kevin kept seeing the Viper around but was never in his Integra until one particular day. The two happened upon each other at a stoplight that is known in the area as a "spirited driving" zone. Suffice to say that after a certain order of events, that same Viper owner stopped running his mouth.

After reflecting on the past, Kevin begins to discuss the future of his Integra. "I'm going to keep it forever," he asserts. He has some ambitious plans though, including increasing his boost beyond 20 PSI. He's also considering customizing the already insanely-built Teg to be the new home of a S2000 F20 or F22 power-plant complete with rear wheel drive capabilities. And to piss off all of the haters out there, he plans on boosting that setup as well.

By Jonathan Thompson
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